April 2014

All studio is now in a shared attic at Muspole Street Studios, Norwich. I started working here at the beginning of March 2014. It is stimulating to be working in and around a mix of busy artists; designers, illustrators, jewellers, potters and painters. I stick to a fairly rigid regime of weekday afternoons only and am constantly amazed at the way in which this focuses the mind and doubles the creative output.

Visitors are welcome to the studio in Muspole Street, Norwich. Please use the Contact page on this website to arrange an appointment.

I'm working on paper using inks and stitch to compile art books and framed paintings. My current obsession with the doomed Malaysian flight MH370 has led to a series of works that are loosely based around the idea of wreckage in a jungle. The juxtoposition of a beautiful landscape with unrelated objects has now led in different directions and books two and three are taking shape.








Sandra has a Master's Degree in Art and Education from Norwich University of the Arts. She is a member of the Norwich 20 Group and the North Norfolk organisation of Visual Artists 'NOVA'

Last website update 11th April 2014