Summer 2014

Having moved this summer to the Norfolk Broads, my inspiration for painting is from exploring the river in a kayak, paddling along the riverbanks watching the dragonflies on the waterlilies and catching glimpses of the silvery flashes of the sun on the wind ripples in the water.

I use a variety of media including acrylic inks, gold and silver leaf sometimes with threads and glitter on fine quality paper.



My studio is in a shared attic at Muspole Street Studios, off Duke Street in Norwich. Visitors are welcome to visit the studio to view this new work on paper together with the back catalogue of works on canvas as shown on this website, please use the Contact page on this website to arrange to call in.



Sandra on the River Ant

Studio at Muspole Street Studios, Norwich

Sandra has a Master's Degree in Art and Education from Norwich University of the Arts. She is a member of the Norwich 20 Group and the North Norfolk organisation of Visual Artists 'NOVA'


Recently completed set of four paintings.......


This set of four paintings is based around the shapes of Egyptian canopic vases containing symbols and imagery that interest me and relate to my life. The canopic vase contained the heart, lungs, intestines and liver of the mummified Egyptian royalty and were considered precious and necessary for their trip to the afterlife.

Last website update 18th September 2014