Founded in August 2012, Shanghai Shangmu Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech innovative R&D enterprise jointly funded by three senior Doctors. We are devoted to providing professional solutions of nanostructured materials, especially surface nanostructures, for scientific research institutes, university and other research units; providing customers with professional R&D service and advisory service for science and technology;

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Transfer of ultrathin AAO onto arbitrary substrates
In 2005, we published the work of transferring the ordered ulthathin AAO films onto other substrates (G. Q. Ding, et al., Fabrication of Controllable Free-standing Ultrathin Porous Alumina Membranes, Nanotechnology 16 (2005) 1285).[Details]
Technical Specification of the Double-Pass AAO
The double-pass AAO template can be obtained by removing the barrier layer of the single-pass AAO and underneath aluminum substrate. With the support of the aluminum substrate, the single-pass AAO is an opaque sample with colored surface, and double-...[Details]
Technical Specification of the Single-Pass AAO
The AAO portion in the single-pass film with cellular structure comprises a number of hexagonal column primitive cells (units) of oxide, and there is a circular hole in the middle of each of such units. A hemispherical barrier layer is situated betwe...[Details]

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